Street Lights

Street Lights –

Ilanga has over the years and in direct response to market requirements developed a range of street lights fittings suitable for all road classes.

Street lights are an integral aspect of infrastructure with regards to user road safety and security and as such , Ilanga Lighting has developed a wide range of products to support a variety of applications.

Street Lights – The Pathfinder

The Pathfinder MK 1 is made from engineering polymer material is ideal for lighting up roads in suburbs, industrial and residential estates ,office parks etc. The Pathfinder accommodates lamps from 50W to 250W in the HID range and up to 57W in the Compact Flourescent (CFL) range.

Street lights_Pathfinder

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The Star Range of Street Lights

The Star range of  street lights consists of a cast aluminium body with a glass lens . The star range includes different size units to accommodate Lamps from 50w  up to 400w in the  HID range . A range of compact fluorescent lamps can also be fitted to these units as well as a range of LED lamps with different lamp and wattage combinations.

Streetlight_Star Streetlight_Star_LED

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The B-Way range of street lights is also an engineered polymer fitting  that is ideally suited for Class B roadways. This economically price unit has great performance characteristics and is a market leader in its class. This unit also accommodates various wattage HID lamps up to 150w and CFL lamps up to 57w.

The Eco-Way and Eyetineria Range of Street lights



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The Eyetineria cast aluminium range of street lights has an aesthetically modern design and can be used for Class A roads. This modern designed unit boasts an exceptional space to height ratio.

The Eyetineria range can accommodate lamps in the HID Range from 50W – 600W as well as various CFL and LED Lamp combinations as well.


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All of the above units can be fitted with led modules to suit all applications – all suitably tested for applications on different locations .

All of the above units are assembled in our SABS  approved factory and comply to SANS 475 specifications.

Ilanga Lighting provides street lights for any application as well as a variety of lamp options.