High Bays

High Bays- Baymaster Range:

As a lighting specialist , Ilanga Lighting provides a range of high quality high bays constructed of the finest materials and uses a multitude of configuration options to suit any requirements.

In industrial environments where lighting levels are critical and constant illumination are essential , reliability and durability are key factors for any business owner to consider.

Our exclusive range of high bays are manufactured from LM6 cast aluminium alloy, stainless steel exterior fasteners, SABS approved chokes, capacitors and ignitors . The above is used in conjunction with our unique ALGLAS coated SAW range of reflectors and can accommodate lamps from 70w up to 1000w in the HID Range.

High bays from Ilanga Lighting

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Ilanga High Bays – Versatile lighting solutions

The BM3 range is ideal for all applications including mini factories, industrial plants, warehouses , turbine halls, etc. using the saw 103 range for low mounting height application and the saw 701 range for higher mounting heights- we have a unique unit for all applications.

The unique features of the SAW range of reflectors can be read about using the following link-SAW RANGE.

Economy Range High Bays

For the economy range we have the ever popular BM2 sheet metal range of high bays which accommodate lamps up to 400w. this range together with the spun aluminium reflector is ideal for economy applications.

High bays_BM2 range

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For the food environment we also have the spun aluminium reflector range with an acrylic diffuser.

These units are also all manufactured according to sabs standards and the BM3 range also comply with the requirements of SANS 475.

High bays offer a versatile and efficient lighting solution for a wide variety of applications from manufacturing and production to food processing and general lighting environments.

Able to deliver powerful and even lighting throughout a working area , high bays offer an unparalleled illumination in line with the OSH Act and other key working lighting guidelines.

With wattages and configurations from 70W up to 1000W , using High pressure sodium , Mercury Vapour and Metal Halide options , High bays from Ilanga Lighting will provide you with the perfect lighting solution at a competitive price for your business.