As an industry specialist , Ilanga Lighting provides a range of high quality floodlights using only the very best materials in construction to provide exceptional  efficiency and lifespan for use in any environment. From mining to parking areas , stadiums or general lighting , Ilanga delivers.

Ilanga Floodlights : The Floodmaster Range

The Floodmaster floodlight range from ILANGA LIGHTING  has been designed for superior lighting efficiency . This robustly designed fitting is suitable for a variety of flood lighting applications as well as corrosive and mining environments  and aggressive industrial plants.

HP 10 Floodlights

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These units are ideal for general area lighting applications such as Mining, low cost housing projects, security lighting and Highmast lighting.

The HP 10 Floodmaster range can accommodate HID Lamps from 150W to 400W.

HP10/15 floodlights are manufactured from LM6  Die Cast Aluminium as well as a high pressure die cast version , all fitted  with Tempered glass lens, as well as a hot -dipped galvanised steel mounting bracket and stainless steel exterior fasteners. The  LM6 Aluminium version is more resistant to aggressive chemical Industrial and Coastal environments.

  Darksky Floodlights

Ilanga  Lighting also has a range of Floodlights known best as Dark Sky lighting designed to minimise light pollution to the Universe.

Darksy range of floolights

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Darksky Floodlights are ideally suited for areas where glare reduction is required as the photometric design although providing excellent lighting has minimal glare. These Floodlights are ideal for Highmast lighting along major freeways, freeway interchanges, toll gates and vehicle parking areas.

Using LM 6 Aluminium for construction , these Units are designed to accommodate HID Lamps from 150W – 1000W.

Combined with the range of High Intensity Discharge lamps (Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium) namely the ‘EYE’ and ‘Spectrum” lamps ,  Ilanga Lighting  is able to offer floodlights that offer Energy Saving solutions to satisfy virtually every application.


As you can see , our attention and commitment to uncompromising quality will provide you with the floodlights to satisfy any lighting demands.