Ilanga Lighting Bulkheads:

Ilanga Lighting is a leading supplier of bulkheads for use in industrial & mining applications. Available in a variety of configurations and constructe of high quality , robust material , our range of bulkheads can be used in numerous environments.

As a lighting product , the bulkhead is another integral part of lighting around the world and can be found in virtually every area of life.

From decorative bulkheads adorning the walls of residential complexes , to heavy duty fittings used in mining and other industrial applications , these fixtures have established a firm place in the lighting industry and Ilanga lighting is proud to present a superior range of products for use in every conceivable area .

The MAG 22 range of Bulkheads

The MAG22 range comprises a bulkhead with a LM6 die cast alumuinium body with a borosilicate glass lens for thermal shock resistance. The unique “acorn” type shape makes this range ideal for installations where horizontal & vertical illumination of primary importance. This range is available with either internal or remote mounted control gear (for installation where heat or external influences may damage the control gear)

Bulkheads Mag 22

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The MAG 44 / 40 Range of Bulkheads

The MAG44/40 range comprises a bulkhead with a LM6 die cast alumuinium body with a borosilicate glass lens for thermal shock resistance (MAG44) or high impact acrylic cover (MAG40) in various lamp types & wattages ranging from 80/125 MV to 70/100/150W metal halide or high pressure sodium.



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 Bulkheads for corrosion risk environments

Where fittings are required for tougher applications where corrosion may pose severe problems , Ilanga Lighting provides the The MAG 42 /45  range. Available with either 304 or 316 stainless steel body , these units have been specifically designed to withstand these aggressive conditions and still deliver outstanding performance.


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Various mounting accessories are available .

The Comet Decorative Bulkhead

For the residential or urban environment , Ilanga Lighting offers the Comet bulkhead with a variety of grill options to suit. When you need a bit if style with reliability , the Comet range from Ilanga lighting is a great choice.



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