ALGLAS Reflectors


ALGLAS Reflectors:

The ALGLAS reflector developed by General Electric Co., U.S.  is  coated with pure  silica  glass  (95% Si02 )  on the aluminium body. I t boasts 10 times stronger corrosion-proof performance than an Alzak  reflector.

Extraordinarily smooth surface finish protects the reflector from deposition of dust and  resultant  smearing.  The prominent high reflectance is  main­tained for Ion period.

The ALGLAS finished reflectors, which are coated with pure silica-glass (Si02 95%) on chemical-polished Aluminium, feature the following and Compared with conventional ALZAK finished reflectors:


Coated with high-transparent glass. I t provides very small light loss (absorption) in the coated protection layer. I t also ensures very high reflectance.


Corrosion resistive equal to glass. Except for fluorine acid, the ALGLAS coating  is  corrosion  resistive  against any  acid,  chlorine  or   alkali.   For example, at  10%  NaOH  alkaline dropping  corrosion  resistance  test:

ALZAK :      Etched   within   30  to  60 ‘             seconds.

ALGLAS:   Durable   longer   than    10 minutes.


Extremely smooth surface resists against deposition of dust. Even smeared, easily washed by water .

Surface  rough ness  by  Perth-0-Meter A LG LAS:   0.05 µ

ALZAK:     0.3 µ

Glass:          0.1 µ


Similar  to   glass-fibre,   the   ALGLAS is rich in  flexibility.  The  ALGLAS coating     on    aluminium   sheet    bears  any   heavy    bending    of    the    sheet. The ALGLAS is heat resistive and shock-proof.  According   to   these   features,  the  ALGLAS  reflector   boasts the following gains  compared  with prismatic  glass   reflector :  Light  weight, high physical strength and high efficiency.


Corrosion Test by CASS Testing

The CASS test is a  salt-water  spray test standardized by JIS   (Japanese Industrial Standards). This  specimen was  CASS  tested  for  16 hours  accord­ing to J IS H8681. The ALGLAS is corrosion resistant equal to high purity glass.


  Comparison of Staining Property of ALGLAS and ALUMITE

The  ALGLAS surface  is  very  smooth  and dust-repellent to maintain a clean surface condition and high reflectance over  a  long  period  of  use. It is just like any glass  surface which you can clean off the dust easily with a warm water cloth  wipe .

Comparison of staining

ALGLAS is not stained nor corroded throughout the years of  service, while Alumite is subject to stain and corrosion soon. (The data is obtained in an experiment in our lamp manufacturing shop where  propane  and  caustic acids are commonly used.)



The Two Samples ( ALGLAS Above and Alumite Below) are taken as follows : from the left – immediately after service ; Middle : 1 Year of service ; Right :After two years of service

Alumite Stain

Comparison of surface roughness

Environment air is filled with the sus­pension of fine dust of a few micron (1/1000 mm )  size.  The  dust  will deposit  on the reflector and, on the hot area close to the lamp,  will burn and stick to the reflector  surface which  in turn will reduce its reflectance. The surface of ALGLAS is coated  with  two  layers of silicate solutions (water glass) which gives smooth and  extremely  fine  surface finish as shown in the picture and the surface roughness measurement data. Consequently , ALGLAS is practically free from surface roughness which is  present in Alumite and deposit dust .